Tüketici Hareketi proje ekibi çeşitli projelerde görev almış deneyimli bir topluluktur. Yeni dönemde (Erasmus + 2021-27) komisyona,UA’ya sivil düşün’e ve Kalkınma ajansına projeler üretmektedir. Proje detaylarını bu sütunlardan izleyebilirsiniz.


“CONSUMERS’ SHOPING LIST ‘’ is a Youth Exchange in the frame of Erasmus+ Youth Action. Program .The Project will gather 40 people from 8
Europan and neighbouring Countries youngsters and leaders from Turkey (host country) Bulgaria,Latvia, Lithuania,Romania,Greece,United Kingdom
and Finland. The Project will take place for 7 days (plus 2 travel days) in Turkey 9th September 15th September 2021.
Particular focus will be on the Consumer Rights Directive, the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, the Unfair Contract Terms Directive and the
Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive.Consumer awareness is the understanding and knowledge that a buyer should have of his rights as a customer.
The awareness is very important for the buyer since it permits him to get the most from what they buy.The aim of the project is to aware youngsters about the importnace of the responsible attitudes of the consumers as a healthy life style by Developing and Providing sustanability of environment.
The Methods based on experiential learning will be a visual campaign and completed by debates, visits, presentations, intercultural nights, games and
exercises.Among the main activities 7 days ( excluding travel days )will be focused workshops on healthy food, environment protection and social
responsibility topics.In the end of the visual campaign extend will include some posters, flyers, videos and a catalog “Comsumers’ Shopping List ”
At the end of the project participants will be aware of their rights under EU law so they can use them every day, when shopping online or on the high
street. That’s why a non-profit organisation Kütahya Tüketici Hareketi Association has organised a Youth Exchange „Fair Tade-For the Planet-For the
People (Consumer Protection in the European Union) informing young European citizens of their rights under EU consumer law and pointing them to the
right places where they can get advice and help in case of questions or problems.
Besides this, there will be a diverse program full of discussions and workshops about various topics related to consumer protection in the EU such as
unfair commercial practices, the unfair contract terms and the consumer sales and guarantees, sport activities, but also non-formal activities which will
provide the participants with the possibility to learn more about our national and regional culture, exchange different ideas and of course give them the
chance to make friends.