Hakkımızda/About Us

Kütahya Tüketici Hareketi Derneği (Kütahya Consumer Movement Association) is a non-governmental body which represents the interests of consumers in public. Our goal is to protect and empower consumers’ rights. We do this by lobbying and campaigning at the national level,

by taking collective legal action on behalf of consumers and by ensuring that our message receives broad media coverage. We also provide professional training for the staff of consumer organisations.

Kütahya Tüketici Hareketi Derneği collects samples of different products from time to time and tests them. After that, the results of the tests are declared to public. In this way, these organisations provide prior information to consumers about the authenticity of the product and

protect them. Apart from this, these organisations also work in conducting investigation/ research on consumer’s problems.KCMA also organizes trainings to create consumer awareness.

Activities of Kütahya Tüketici Hareketi Derneği are directed in particular to non-formal education and to support the rights of the consumers

and the promotion of democracy. Taking advantage of the fact that a significant number of members and supporters working in national

education regularly organize non-formal education workshops with the participation of youth in the area.

Principal topics are consumer rights and supporting and giving them culture, ecology and environment, and raising awareness of the local community on

responsible behaviour, consumer rights, healthy eating and nature protection with the participation of association members in a visual campaign.

Another component which Kütahya Tüketici Hareketi association members want to give is the involvement of a large number of young people in all

kinds of local projects, especially through coming issues and this is the highly important dimension of it. Kütahya Tüketici Hareketi association wants to

be a facilitator of accessing these programs for the use of young people about fair trade.

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this application?

Association members have been involved in numerous local training courses, seminars and exchanges. Our organisation successfully implement the first

project about fair trade, healthy eating, and consumers rights which are currently in phase project dissemination and operating a second candidate

proposed results. We want a continuation of our efforts to send young true values and an attitude of responsible consumers.